Prime LE SIP is the ideal solution for local governments and is able to provide social and affordable housing. The product being low cost,  provides the ability to create a lower priced affordable sector property. This is vital to provide low cost affordable housing. The low price and cost is not the only important point, the property would also achieve lower running costs due to the energy performance of the product. Utilising the above property example from one of our previous projects, we are able to compare the Prime LE SIP against other industry standard building materials. The test compared two other building methods against a basic criteria of: Price Time frame of construction Competitive Advantage Out of all the systems tested the Prime LE performed the best with the criteria used. Prime LE SIP is £18, 000 cheaper   than the UK SIP product (product on site). The Prime system is also the cheapest and quickest out of all the methods in completing the erection of the wall and roof elements. It costs £17, 000 for the Prime LE, when the comparable SIP costs £35, 000 and the  traditional is around £45, 000. The Prime LE SIP can ensure the external frame and roof can be erected in 1 week, offering a far reduced construction time over traditional methods. A shorter time frame also means lower associated development costs (labour, materials, specialist trades, etc...) The Prime LE SIP system also offers a wealth of benefits (click here) over traditional build.   No Comparison!! The test performed monitored and analysed the main criteria when evaluating a project. However the test did not observe the unique key benefits and characteristics offered by using Prime LE SIP over other building systems and methods. The Prime LE SIP vastly out performs the other methods through its unique characteristics: Eco-friendly Energy Efficiency Sealed cavity and envelope Future proof product - Achieves new and future regulations. Ease of construction Versatile - can be used for residential and commercial development and many, many more areas.                                          

Cost of SIPs Panels

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