Prime Large Element SIP is a factory engineered system of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP Panels) forming a timber framing system that can be utilised throughout the residential and commercial construction industry. (see   ) The Prime LE SIP is offers Jumbo SIP panels of 8 x 24 ft in length and is able to provide a number of key benefits to developers and end user home owners alike. The SIP Panels as a product provides a wealth of benefit features such as;  providing a low cost affordable housing structure, eco-friendly, short-time frame construction, highly energy efficient (high R-values and low U-values), internationally certified accredited building product covering sustainable home level 4/5 compliance and provides many other benefits. The Company believes that the Prime LE SIP panel structure is superior to any other build system in the market and is the future of commercial and residential property development.       .   . Prime LE SIP Panels are a unique low cost build system that takes Timber Framed Construction to the next level. Covers all new building Regulations with a factory built-in Insulation in the wall and roof panels achieving the required “U” values of 0.11 and “R” values up to 33 for the roof. This process also creates a 50% less construction time and is able complete the external frame, inside skin and completed roof of a 1,500 ft2 property in under 7 days.

SIP Panels

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